Full Stack Web Developer

Developed & designed webpage that is fast & optimized for all screen size. Check the live webpage in project section.

Immovable Private Safety Agency


Web Application Security & Ethical Hacking

Developed a web application that is secure from SQL injection, XSS attack, & CSRF. The web application was build with PHP 7 and MySQL 5 and frontend with Google Material Design Lite.

SIES Graduate school of technology


Android & iOS Mobile Application

Successfully developed a mobile application for Android & iOS with real time database as back-end.

Mangal Essakki Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Web Designing

Developed and designed a web application in SIES Graduate School of Technology. The web page was designed using HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript & PHP 7.

SIES Graduate school of technology


Full Stack Web Developer & Designer

Developed a dynamic web page and worked as Full Stack Web Developer & Designer. Check the live webpage in the project section.

Bright Signs


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