About Me


Hey, I'm Rajendran,
I am web & mobile application developer, graphics designer & electronics geek. I am a tech enthusiast who loves to explore more about modern web development mobile application (Android & iOS) & graphics designing.
Currently, focusing more on projects based on modern web technology and mobile applications.

How I can help you?

I can work as a full stack web developer (meaning both font-end and back-end developer), mobile application developer (Android & iOS) & graphics designer you can checkout some of my projects over here.
I am a developer with over 8+ years of experience specializing in front and back end development with both static and dynamic web pages and mobile application development.
If you want to build web or mobile application you can contact me here.

What I like to do?

Help and improve open source projects by issue triaging or fixing bugs or help maintain libraries. You can check my github profile for insights. My open source contributions here
I like to build new stuffs with micro controller & also to help people in websites like StackExchange and Quora whenever I am free. I love to write technical posts on medium related to web development, SEO, web security and micro controllers.

I am a self taught programmer and designer with a bunch of open source projects on github.

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