Skills and ability


Below are the skills and ability in which I am best and can offer you a high-quality product for your small scale or large scale business. I am always open to new ideas and innovation to make the internet easy to use.

Front-end Web Development

Clean and responsive web pages for all screen size with powerful UX/UI with PWA support.

Back-end Web Development

Secure web pages with efficient code & SEO optimized for search engine ranking and more traffic.

Graphics Designing

Image editing, logo designing & vector/rasterize images with main focus on material design.

Web and wordpress hosting

Reliable & quality web hosting that is fast & secure. Wordpress theme and plugin development.

Desktop Application

Desktop applications for Windows / Mac OSX / Linux operating systems.

Mobile Development

Mobile application for both Android and iOS device. Build, test & deploy them to Google Play and Apple Appstore.

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